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The Inn of Fallen Leaves
Author:Mitch Davies
In the turmoil of Japan, before the banishment of the samurai class, a disillusioned samurai, Itashima Chobei, is confro...
Discover the Natural Beauty of Perth and Western Australia
Author:Graeme Lanham

Perth, the sunny capital of Weste...
LA MÁQUINA DEL TIEMPO DEL MAESTRO LÓPEZ ("The Time Machine of Mr. Lopez”  Original Spanish Edition)
Author:Eleazar Jimenez Serrano
Disordered by the losses that Master López has endured in life and being harassed by a corrupt policeman, the end of a j...
Demon King
Author:Erik Henry Vick
2018 Readers Favorite Horror Finalist

A childhood shredded by evil. A demon hunter drawn back home. When ...
Eating in the Underworld
Author:J. D. Brink
Welcome to the dark side of urban fantasy.

Four stories that blend urban fantasy with noir, horror, and ...
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2019.11.07  | “Snow White” Gravestone Discovered
The Grimm fairytale “Snow White” is one of the most famous in the world, having been catapulted to worldwide famous by the Walt Disney 1937 animated film. Long considered...

2019.11.01  | Indian Court to Translate all Verdicts into Regional Languages
The Supreme Court of India previously announced that all its judgments would be translated into regional languages and uploaded to its website by the end of July. Until r...

2019.10.27  | Hamamatsu City Mistranslates Evacuation Notice During Typhoon No. 19
Typhoon No. 19 hit Japan earlier this month. It reached the Izu Peninsula on October 12, and Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka, responded by issuing an evacuation order to four ri...

2019.10.19  | Nobel Prize Winner’s Favorite Book Sold Out in Japan
Earlier this month, Asahi Kasei Honorary Fellow and Meijo University Professor Akira Yoshino received the Nobel Prize in chemistry alongside two of his American colleague...

2019.10.11  | The Secret of the Brontë Sisters’ Grandfather
The Brontë sisters are two of the most famous female English authors of the Victorian era. Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre and Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights
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Released Book
Ki ~ An Energy of Light That Fills Your Mind, Body, and Soul: Live Life in the Evolution of the Great Universe 
New Apocripha, Zechariah: The True Genealogical Table of Jesus Christ Hidden in the Bible 
Gluten Free Living: A Delicious Solution for: Digestive Issues, Allergies, Fibromyalgia and many more 
Kilimanjaro: One Man's Quest to Go Over the Hill (Japanese edition) 1&2 
The Power of Body Awareness: The Ultimate Guide to Relax and Loosen Your Body  
Every Little Thing 
A Wind In Montana (Part 1 & 2) 
The Wooden Nickel 1 & 2 
Trains and Lovers: A Novel (Japanese translation) 
The Managerial Ideas from the East 
The Only Two Causes of All Diseases  
A box of Matches 
Book Press Release
2012.05.24 humanities/consciousness & thought The spiritual way of business - in harmony with the cosmos
Why can’t we work happily today?

2012.05.16 business/economics/career LOOPS ― The Seven Keys to Small Business Success
What should we do for business success? This is the qu...
Translation services through Crowdsourcing
     Enigmo Corporation has launched its platform service called “Buyma Books” to sell translated electric books through crowdsourcing last month. Under this service,...
Digital book markets in China – opportunities and challenges
On 22 January 2015, eBook Initiative Japan Co Ltd. announced its plan to distribute Japanese digital contents in China starting the mid-year. Since Japanese manga and ani...