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The Big Data Opportunity in Our Driverless Future
Author:Evangelos Simoudis, Ph.D.
From Detroit to Germany, Japan, China, and Korea, within the incumbent automotive industry, there is an amplifying conve...
Author:R.F. Kristi
Can one cat detective bring peace and harmony to a family divided within the Korean peninsula?

Inca the S...
Doodles Lanhorn and The Quest to Save Inner Earth
Author:Russell D. Bernstein
Doodles Lanhorn is a red-headed boy of thirteen who doesn’t feel very popular or successful but he does have a special t...
Mandi’s Miracle (The Miracle Trilogy Series)
Author:Emeka Iwenofu
Mandi's Miracle culminates the Part II of The Miracle Trilogy(r). It is set during the 1960s in Mississippi during the c...
Organized Crime Queens
Author:Jerry Bader
From the bizarre world of female Japanese motorcycle gangs to the historic rise and fall of London's Forty Elephants, th...
Beating the System
Author:Jerry Bader
The true story of a horse racing legend
This is my life. My name and the names of the people and places have bee...
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2019.06.15  | Manga Exhibit at British Museum
Starting May 23, the British Museum has been hosting “The Citi Exhibition Manga,” the largest exhibition of comic-book art form to have been staged outside Japan that inc...

2019.06.09  | Japan's Akutagawa Award Winner Yu Miri's Book to be Translated
Yu Miri's "Tokyo Ueno Station," winner of the prestigious Akutagawa Award, has been translated into English and published from Tilted Axis Press. It was translated by Mor...

2019.06.03  | The International Literature Festival Dublin
The International Literature Festival Dublin was held from May 17th through 26 in Dublin, Ireland. From Japan, Tomoka Shibasaki made her visit as its first international ...

2019.05.25  | Japan Passes Law to Recognize Ainu as Indigenous People
Japanese parliament passed a bill in April to recognize the Ainu minority, many of whom live in the northern island of Hokkaido, as an indigenous people of Japan for the ...

2019.05.18  | Kazuo Ishiguro's Daughter to Publish Her First Book
Tinder Press announced in April that Naomi Ishiguro, daughter of Nobel Prize in Literature writer Kazuo Ishiguro, is to debut as a novelist. According to Tinder Press, th...

2019.05.10  | Name for Japan's New Era Mistranslated by Sign Language Interpreter
May first of this year marked the beginning of a new era, Reiwa. The whole country celebrated. The transition seemed to have been without any critical hitch as the name o...

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Ki ~ An Energy of Light That Fills Your Mind, Body, and Soul: Live Life in the Evolution of the Great Universe 
New Apocripha, Zechariah: The True Genealogical Table of Jesus Christ Hidden in the Bible 
Gluten Free Living: A Delicious Solution for: Digestive Issues, Allergies, Fibromyalgia and many more 
Kilimanjaro: One Man's Quest to Go Over the Hill (Japanese edition) 1&2 
The Power of Body Awareness: The Ultimate Guide to Relax and Loosen Your Body  
Every Little Thing 
A Wind In Montana (Part 1 & 2) 
The Wooden Nickel 1 & 2 
Trains and Lovers: A Novel (Japanese translation) 
The Managerial Ideas from the East 
The Only Two Causes of All Diseases  
A box of Matches 
Book Press Release
2012.05.24 humanities/consciousness & thought The spiritual way of business - in harmony with the cosmos
Why can’t we work happily today?

2012.05.16 business/economics/career LOOPS ― The Seven Keys to Small Business Success
What should we do for business success? This is the qu...
Translation services through Crowdsourcing
     Enigmo Corporation has launched its platform service called “Buyma Books” to sell translated electric books through crowdsourcing last month. Under this service,...
Digital book markets in China – opportunities and challenges
On 22 January 2015, eBook Initiative Japan Co Ltd. announced its plan to distribute Japanese digital contents in China starting the mid-year. Since Japanese manga and ani...