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2015.09.17 Lawson and MUJI expand book sales
It is said that the environment surrounding bookstores in towns has been severe due to the recession in the publishing business. However, some retailers that are not specialized in selling books have announced to expand their book sales.

Lawson, one of the big convenience store chains in Japan, announced that they will expand their book sales in their stores. Starting the end of September, they will start setting up bookshelves in some of the stores throughout Japan. The bookshelves will be introduced at about 1000 stores. Lawson has been testing selling books using these special bookshelves at a few locations since last year. As a result, those stores have experienced both an increase in sales and the number of visitors. Usually, any Lawson store carries between 10 to 20 books, but at those stores with special bookshelves will have about 75 books.

Mujirushi Keikaku, an operator of MUJI, will renovate its flagship store at Yurakucho and open MUJI BOOKS at the location. MUJI BOOKS sells both books and MUJI's products and its concept is "finding a new discovery and a hint for your life". It also has a concept for selecting books, which is KURASHI NO SASHISUSESO (ABC in your life). Sa means Satsu (books) Shi means Shoku (foods), SU means Sozai (materials), Se means Seikatsu (life), So means Sou (fashion). 2000 books will be selected for each theme, so they are planning to have a total of 10000 books. After having smartphones and internet, people are able to obtain information very efficiently, however, chances to meet with unexpected discoveries may have decreased. MUJI BOOKS wants customers to find new discoveries through books.

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