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2016.04.12 Artificial Intelligence writing a short story
It was found out that short stories written by Artificial Intelligence passed the first round for the literary prize “Hoshi-Shinichi Prize”. The news became an epoch-making occurrence where artificial intelligence extends into the “imaginary writing field” where it was thought that only humans could produce works in.

This “Artificial Intelligence that wrote fiction stories” is the AI used by Kimagure-AI Project “Sakka-Desunoyo”, established with a goal of producing a new fictional story taking over the style used by Mr. Shinichi Hoshi, a famous science-fiction writer in Japan.

When the project team produced 4 short short stories by the AI and applied for the literary prize “Hoshi Shinichi Prize”, the AI’s works did not receive a prize by a hair’s breath, but its 2 works passed the first round.

Mr. Hitoshi Matsubara, the coordinator of this entire project, said that this was a historic achievement. But he also said that further study would be needed in the future because the current AI needs the support of many humans, like previously building up the plot of the story.

Artificial Intelligence has developed rapidly during recent years. Google’s AlphaGo defeated a world-leading professional go player and this news quickly spread and soon became a sensation all over the world.

In addition, artificial intelligence is used in many fields such as image search technology on the Internet, and automatic voice recognition technology on smartphone.

Artificial Intelligence is receiving full attention from people about whether it can achieve results or not. There is no artificial intelligence that can produce novels from scratch in the world now. However, many researchers think that AI will be able to produce novels which make humans moved and interested.

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