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2016.04.27 “CRP”, the project selling photo books via Kindle
A famous photographer in Japan, Mr. Arao Yokogi launched CROSSROAD PROJECT. The project that started in October 2015 aims for distributing photographer’s photo books all over the world by widely calling professional or amateur photographers and producing their digital photo books via Kindle, the Amazon’s
digital books.

There are a lot of photo book available on the market. Most of them are pictures of celebrities, cats and dogs and tourist attractions. Mr. Yokogi said that it’s come down to the fact that photographers don’t have the time for ordinary people.

In addition, he said that there was no space for “Photo books” in big bookstores,and photo books were placed as part of the “Hobby” section when he went there to buy a photo book. He said he felt a very strong sense of crisis. From this type of self-searching and experience, Mr. Yokogi began to think of what new media could be like for photography.

Mr. Yokogi said that Amazon is entirely free of charge except for the 30% cost of the retail price(+tax), and in addition, photographers can have amazon users read their digital photo books via iPad, iPhone and PC.

For modern photographers living in a world where the digital camera has become very popular, they are required to have their own unique backbone and integrity. As a new media alternative to inactive book media, digital photo books have a possibility of becoming a new media for photographers.

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