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2016.06.09 U.S. Supreme Court says Google Books Isn’t Copyright Infringement
Over the past 11 years an impressive thirty million books were scanned by the digital generation giant companies’ advanced book search Google Books, this is a considerably large number of books, which almost rivals the 37 million books owned by the Library of Congress.

The Authors’ Guild and some authors have been fighting against Google with a lawsuit filed in 2005. In 2013, a US Circuit Judge, along with in 2015, the second U.S Circuit Court dismissed the case, which now has finally been rejected on April 18th, 2016. The judges recognized that books were not scanned entirely and thus cannot be considered as a reasonable substitute for the original books.

"The price of this short-term public benefit may well be the future vitality of American culture," says Authors' Guild's Mary Rasenberger in his statement.

On the other hand, Google said in a statement, "We are grateful that the court has agreed to uphold the decision of the Second Circuit which concluded that Google Books is transformative and consistent with copyright law. The product acts like a card catalog for the digital age by giving people a new way to find and buy books while at the same time advancing the interests of authors.”

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