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2016.09.27 Megaphoneyaku adopted for the first time to the general emergency drill in Tokyo
“Megaphoneyaku”, the automated translation machine Panasonic developed was adopted to the general emergency drill in Tokyo for the first time on September 4th.

Megaphoneyaku is a loudspeaker that can translate Japanese into three languages such as English, Chinese, and Korean if you’re speaking in Japanese. When you talk to Megaphoneyaku in Japanese, your speech is showed on a liquid-crystal display on top of the loudspeaker, and the words are translated into English, Chinese and Korean one or two seconds later via voice after you press the play button. Megaphoneyaku was adopted experimentally at Narita International Airport in November 2015. 

On September 4th, this Megaphoneyaku was introduced for the first time in a general emergency drill in Tokyo. This emergency drill was carried out with a special emphasis on leading foreign tourists to evacuation areas, and Megaphoneyaku played an important role in the drill.

In preparation for the increase of foreign tourists, multi-language translation services have increasingly become widespread. The article states that JTB and other companies will start to facilitate the introduction of the automated translation machines to hotels and tourist information centers nationwide in September. They plan to equip automated translation machines to 5,000 different areas that span all over Japan by 2020.

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