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2017.02.21 Google Translate app implements real-time Japanese translation
In January 2017, Google updated its ‘Google Translate’ smartphone app (iOS/Android) to enable immediate text translation to and from Japanese. The app displays translations on the screen when app users hold their smartphone camera up to some text. The real-time camera translation mode, offered by Google since 2015, now supports 30 languages with the inclusion of Japanese.

Japanese app users seemed amazed at this real-time camera translation function, posting comments such as ‘[technology has] finally come this far’. On Twitter, users of the app uploaded so many photos of the English-Japanese live translation in action that ‘#Google翻訳 (Google Translate)’ became a top trending topic.

However, while the app’s translation speed is fast enough, there is still room for improvement in its translation accuracy. In addition, the real-time function is not too suited for translating long sentences, though it is good for translating short text such as a signboard or menu.

Google Translate made a transition from its previous statistical model-based machine translation system to a neural network-based system in November 2016, when many users noted that the translation quality became dramatically better. The latest update is another step in the advancement of machine translation.

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