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2017.08.17 ‘SnapChat generation’ reading on smartphone apps
According to TechCrunch, the ‘SnapChat generation’, or teenagers who have grown up swiping at smartphones and tablets since they were toddlers, are now eagerly reading fiction on their smartphones through popular apps. The earliest 'chat fiction' app, called Hooked, started providing material in the young adult genre in 2015, attracting investors. Since then, many competitors have started similar services in this new reading app industry, and such apps have now been ranked as one of the most downloaded in the past few months.

Hooked itself can be downloaded for free, but has a subscription fee of 2.99 USD per week or 39.99 USD per year. It ranks in the top 40 for free apps. Other similar apps include Yarn, Tap, from major digital publishing community site Wattpad, and Amazon Rapids by Amazon.

Most of these apps are listed under the ‘books’ category of iTunes’ App Store, however Amazon Rapids, which targets 5 to 12 year-olds, have uniquely listed their service as ‘educational’, separating it from the others. Amazon Rapids also has a function that helps the reader with word meanings and pronunciation, so it may be quite useful for those just starting to learn English. 

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