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2019.04.30 70 Years since the publication of The Diary of a Young Girl
This year is 70 years since Otto Frank published the original Dutch version of his daughter Anne’s diary (English title: The Diary of a Young Girl). The book has been translated into more than 70 languages since publication. The first Japanese publication in 1952 was a translation from the English version by Kozo Kaito, published by Bungei Shunju.

So far in 2017, the Tokyo Holocaust Education Resource Center (Kokoro), an educational NPO, has provided screenings of a 2015 American film titled ‘No Asylum: The Untold Chapter of Anne Frank’s Story’ at five locations including universities in Tokyo. The Japanese subtitles were made by Kokoro.

The film was produced after Otto Frank’s letters, asking for assistance in getting visas for his family to escape from the NAZI regime, were found in 2005 at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. His first letter was addressed to his long-standing friend Nathan Straus Jr., an official for the Roosevelt administration. Despite Straus’s efforts, the Franks could not get visas because of the US government's policy at that time. The film shows how the world’s indifference towards Jews, or war refugees, was also responsible for the death of millions of children such as Anne Frank.

Fumiko Ishioka, a former public servant and translator, is the director of Kokoro. Ishioka visits schools and helps children think about topics such as people and the world by introducing the facts about the Holocaust.

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