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2017.10.26 Dan Brown’s “Origin” on Sale Simultaneously in 13 Languages
Dan Brown, the author of the international bestseller The Da Vinci Code, has released his latest novel, which simultaneously went on sale around the world in 13 languages on October 3, 2017. Origin is Brown’s eighth book, and the fifth among the Robert Langdon series, which includes The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, and Inferno.

The story of Origin is set in Spain. The book begins where Edmond Kirsch—former student of Langdon and a billionaire computer scientist—is about to make an earth-shattering announcement on a “new discovery” at the Guggenheim Museum. But the unveiling of the “discovery”, which will fundamentally change mankind’s understanding of science, is quashed by a shadowy figure. Langdon and the director of Guggenheim, Ambra Vidal, embark on a trip together to Barcelona to find the hidden code and to unlock Kirsch’s secret. Like the previous novels, the story is packed with historical and religious riddles that are cleverly inserted in the story, as well as heart-thumping adventure that will enthrall the readers.  

Dan Brown, a former English teacher, was brought up by a mathematician father and a musician mother specializing in religious music; his wife is an art historian. It would not be an exaggeration to say that his background, steeped in codes, science, religion, and fine art, has culminated into his books. Brown’s mother passed away before Origin went on sale. As a book dedicated to his mother, her initials C.G.B are lightly inscribed on the book’s back cover.

2 million copies were printed for the first edition of Origin. A Japanese translation has yet to be announced, but in coming days, the story is to be translated into 42 languages. Furthermore, supposedly there are 12 or so storylines for the Robert Langdon series, so we can look forward to his future adventures.

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