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2017.11.16 E-Books vs. Paper Books? Ways to Increase Children’s Reading Time
In recent years, the diminished time spent on reading books among children has become a worldwide concern not just exclusive to Japanese children. Then, what kind of an approach can we take to teach these tech-savvy kids, who are surrounded by various electronic gadgets such as tablets, smartphones and computers, the joy of reading? 

According to a study published on academic site Science Direct, kids actually prefer paper-based books to electronic books. Furthermore, the study said that the longer children are exposed to smartphones and computers, the shorter their time spent on reading. It may be that children become more motivated to read when they can feel the weight of books in their hands, through the texture of paper, or from the cover design.

On the website, The Conversation, which cites the study, it mentions several effective approaches that can be taken to induce further reading among kids, and they are: exposing them to an environment where parents or teachers are enjoying reading; setting up quiet time and space at home and school for reading; and sharing the stories on what each family member is reading. In addition, The Conversation recommends that parents continue to encourage children's reading even as they grow up, and not just finish with storytelling when they are young. 

We have seen schools becoming more digitized in their approach to teaching in the past few years. However, according to a report by the Paper and Packaging Board (U.S.), young parents who were brought up with computers believe that paper-based learning is linked to better grades. This is because when computers are used, children are more prone to distraction as they browse other websites or use different applications.

Japan is in the midst of its annual Reading Week. As we push through our busy schedule, why not take some time to indulge in reading books with our children?

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