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2018.01.09 Votes Ongoing for “Elementary School Kids Vote! Children’s Books Poll”
From November 1, 2017, voting has been underway for the “Elementary School Kids Vote! Children’s Books Poll” hosted by Poplar Publishing, a publisher of children’s books. Many adults in Japan will be familiar with Poplar’s publications, which include “Sherlock Holmes – The complete series,” “Arsene Lupin – The complete series,” “Zukkoke Sannin-gumi,” and “Kaiketsu Zorori.” Poplar organized the event as an opportunity for children to encounter new books.

Poplar believes that first impressions are important when it comes to nurturing the desire to read in children. This campaign is widely promoted in bookstores, elementary schools, and public libraries throughout Japan, calling on schoolchildren to participate. The top 10 books chosen by children will be announced during Japan’s 2018 “Golden Week” which starts April 28, and these books will be extensively displayed at storefronts that summer. The aim is to capture children’s attention through the results display and get them interested in new books.

Voting is open to anyone who is an elementary student on October 1, 2017. Individual participants can send in their ballot by post or online, with the deadline being February 16, 2018. Participation at school level will require the school to register by December 15, 2017, and to send forms back by January 31, 2018.

There will also be a draw where participants can win a “can of awesome goods,” entrance tickets to a theme park, or a trial experience as a child bookstore staff or an editor-in-chief. For school-level participants, each school will receive a “Complete Guide to the Best Books chosen by Elementary School Kids” and a poster of the results, and 100 schools will additionally win a “first aid kit for books” through a draw. 

There is quite a big age difference between a first grader and a sixth grader. What kind of books will these children of today choose? Adults can look forward to the results, too, as a hint when buying a book as a gift. It will be interesting to see the outcome next year. 

For details, please visit the following: