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2018.02.15 Mottainai Grandma Published in India
On January 13, 2018, the translated first book of "Mottainai Grandma," a popular Japanese picture-book series by Mariko Shinju, was published by India’s National Book Trust as a joint project between Kodansha and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). At the book release event in New Delhi, the author, along with the translator, conducted reading sessions and other activities with the gathered children. The book is written both in Hindi and English, the official languages of India, and teaches the importance of environmental preservation in an easy-to-understand format for children. 

Mariko Shinju debuted as a picture-book author in the United States with her 1998 "A Pumpkin Story" (Greene Bark Press). "Mottainai Grandma" was published in Japan by Kodansha in 2004, and 13 books are available in the series today. The series has also been translated into English, Korean, Chinese, Thai, and French. Currently, the "Mottainai Grandma Diary" is published as a serial in Mainichi Shimbun. The serial is in its 12th year, and is due to end this March. 
In the "Mottainai Grandma" series, whenever somebody does something wasteful such as throw away something that still has value, "Grandma” makes an appearance, saying, “Mottainai! (‘what a waste’)” Using traditional wisdom, she shows how to be less wasteful. The books try to teach children a sense of respect towards things and nature.
India has long struggled with public hygiene and environmental degradation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched an environmental initiative, “Clean India,” in October 2014, with the aim of changing the habits of the general population. Those involved in the publication of this book hope that its “mottainai” message will be imparted to the children, leading to a cleaner India.

In future, other books in the "Mottainai" series will be published. Translations into India's other languages such as Bengali and Tamil are also being planned.
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