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2018.06.20 A Slight Rise Seen In The FY2017 Gross Profits Of The Publishing Industry
On May 9, The Association of American Publishers (AAP) compiled an earnings report comprising more than 1200 publishing companies. The result was based on the wholesale results to retailers; direct sales to consumers from publishers; and online sales, but the report did not include the sales revenue from retailers. According to the report, the publishing industry has seen a year-on-year growth by 0.4% in gross profits to $14.7 billion, a small upward trend. 

Broken down by categories, there has been a 3.0% increase in sales led by adult titles (fiction, non-fiction), making up more than 65% of gross profits. Furthermore, other sectors that have seen a year-on-year rise in revenue include professional books (8.4%), university press (5.3%), and higher education course materials (0.2%). On the other hand, children’s books have seen a decline in revenue by 2.1%, followed by a decrease in religious texts by 1.8% as well as dip of 3.6% in elementary school texts. 

In addition, based on the sales-type category, downloadable audiobooks have dominated the growth with its showing of 29.5% surge. There has been a three-fold rise in its sales revenue from the past five years. Although there has been a two-digit decline in the sales of e-books in recent years, for FY2017, it managed to keep its slide at a moderate pace of 4.7%, or at $1.3 billion. In the end, the most popular medium was the paper-based books, booking a stable rise in profits continuing from last year. However, despite the strong following in hard-cover books, there has been a slight decline by 0.2% in paperback books.  
AAP has already reported that the publishing industry’s gross profits in the first quarter of FY2018 (from January 1 to the end of March) has seen a year-on-year growth by 6.2%. We look forward to finding out the trend of FY2018.

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