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2018.07.20 Parent and Child Volunteers Needed to Create Picture Books to Other Asian Countries
Shanti Volunteer Association will be launching its summer campaign titled “Parent and Child Picture Books Gifting to Other Asian Countries.” Shanti is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1981 with an aim to provide educational assistance and emergency support for children in other Asian countries. Furthermore, I have reported in January on one of their activities that has started in 1999, which is the creation of picture books in the children’s local language. In conjunction with the upcoming summer vacation season, Shanti announced various campaign drives to further promote their activities. 

How it works is that a volunteer pastes over the texts of an existing picture book with stickers that has a translation printed on it. If you want to work on these picture books from your home, you can sign up as a volunteer from Shanti’s website (from July 20 to August 20). The sign-up fee is 2500 yen and the position will be closed after it reaches the 50th person. In addition to the “picture-book set” which includes the picture book and translation stickers, volunteers will receive a “country overview” sheet that describes the lifestyles and cultures of other Asian countries, along with the Volunteer Certificate. The volunteer is supposed to send back the completed books to Shanti through their own expense.

Other than the above, you can take part in the related events to create picture books. Shanti collaborates with libraries and universities to host educational events in and around Tokyo that raise awareness of the living conditions of the countries which the children live in. Participants start their picture-book creation after the workshop. Completed books will be sent to the various destinations in Asia from Shanti after February 2019. 

Books are sent to Afghanistan, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos as well as the refugee camps in Thailand and Myanmar. As of April 2017, the total number of gifted books reached 293,000. We have seen cases where the children who grew up reading the books sent by Shanti becoming supporters for this cause, a testament to the fact that books contribute to children’s wholesome growth.

For further details, please visit the following websites: