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2019.04.30 American Net-Translators introduce new translation management system (TMS)
Net-Translators, a major translation company providing translation and localization services in the US and around the world, introduced a new cloud-based translation management system that integrates translation memories and terminology management (TMS) on August 13th.

With this translation cooperation tool, the translation team can cooperate with each other at any time, 24 hours a day, and also simultaneously manage the glossary. The translation team comprises of translators, proofreaders, editors, and customer site reviewers (ICR). Once the translator starts translating the document in Net-Cat, the proofreader can add a review to the ongoing translation. You can also comment and edit ICR. After completion, ICR signs off the translation file and contacts the project manager. All changes to the document are reflected in the translation memory and can be used for the next project assigned from the same customer.

Using Net-Cat, people involved in the translation can cooperate in real time, making the whole process is more efficient, and reducing delivery time. It is especially useful when those translators are based in different locations around the world. Another feature of this system is that there is a management tool for the glossary. By managing terms specific to clients, products, and projects using this function, the translation company provides the translator with the project with the terms automatically inputs, achieving both uniformity in efficiency and a standardized translation.

Along with the increase in the number of international companies, the translation industry is always responding to the increasing demand for translation needs and faster translations. This trend in the commercial translation industry will continue and it is expected that the scale of TMS and translation support tools will continue to expand in the future. It will also be important for translators to develop the capabilities to work with these tools.

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