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2018.09.15 Simple voice translation feature to be added to Amazon's Alexa
On July 24, Amazon Japan announced that it added a function to translate Japanese words and phrases into optional languages on its cloud-based voice service "Alexa". The service will be able to translate into 44 different languages. From these languages, 18 will be available for voice based translation, and text-based translation is provided for the remaining 26 languages which can be checked via the Alexa application. By asking questions such as "Alexa, what is shooting star in English?", using the Amazon Alexa app in Alexa and Echo installed devices such smartphones and tablets tablet's Amazon Alexa application, it answers instantly.

The current competition in the AI translation market is giving consumers an increasing range of options. Thus one of the biggest expectations from consumers if real-time translation that makes interpersonal communication smoother. The release of Google's long-awaited Pixel Buds last autumn was equipped with a real-time translation function that could translate into 40 different languages, attracted a great deal of attention.

Likewise Amazon are also working on the development of voice assisted AI translation so that it will not be lagging behind its rival company Google. Yahoo Finance announced in March this year that Amazon is committed to the development of real-time translation using Alexa. The aim is to develop AI translation software that translates not only merely into languages, but also reflect the context and cultural background, and fits the scene.

It seems that for Amazon to realize its goal of developing "real time translation" will take some time, but the Alexa translation function will be a step towards that goal at least. This function is compatible with smartphones and tablets that have an iOS 9.0 or later, or Android 5.0 or laterbut currently it is not available on Amazon Fire Tablet.

For details, please refer to the following website.