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2018.10.11 Publishers Weekly's Featured Copyrights
In the August 21st edition of "Publishers Weekly" dated August 21, three books drawing attention in the current copyright market were introduced.

The first being "The Helpline", the debut work of Australian writer Catherine Collett. It is a comedy work that went on sale from September 3 in Japan, but for which Italian company Garzanti publishing first obtained copyright permission. Simon & Schuster and Touchstone in North America, and Simon & Schuster in the UK, all respectively have obtained copyright permissions for the work. According to the website of the publisher, this book seems to have a refund guarantee in case consumers are not satisfied with the book's contents.

The second is an autobiographical account written by Rohingya refugees wrote about persecution, "First They Erased Our Name: A Rohingya Speaks Up." It is also the first time for this category of book to be introduced. The original was published in French this March. The author Habiblaman departed Myanmar 18 years ago and subsequently fled to Australia by boat via Thailand and Malaysia. After living in the refugee camp life in the country for two and a half, years, he was granted political asylum and now lives in Melbourne. Sophie Ansell, co-author of this book, is a French journalist. Melbourne publisher Scribe Publications obtained English copyright permissions for this book.

The third book is a Finnish lifestyle book. The title is "Finding Sisu: In Search of Courage, Strength, and Happiness the Finnish Way", and it is a book about Finnish style Sisu, meaning resilience. The English version is published earlier this year. Copyrights have already been sold to 21 countries and regions including Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan and other Asian countries.

For details, please visit the following website.