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2018.10.23 UK bodycoach releases new cookbook
Popular personal trainer Joe Wicks based in London, United Kingdom published a new cookbook on September 6th.

Personal trainer Wicks is commonly known as "Body Coach" on his social media. The inspiration came from a series of 15 second videos such as meals that can be made in 15 minutes, or 15 minute exercises which he posted on his Instagram. Published in 2016, his "Lean in 15" work became an Amazon bestseller in the UK, since translated into 18 languages with over a million copies recorded being sold. Coupled with books released after that of the same category, Mr. Wicks became the only author who issued three bestsellers in the nonfiction category (from Amazon UK).

However this release, in comparison with the "15" series, will focus on healthy eating rather than the theme of exercise. There is only a book written by the trainer, and introduces meals based on menus designed to reduce carbohydrates or even incorporate them in the recipes, in conjunction with the reader's daily exercise plan or meal timings.

In an interview with a newspaper Wicks remarked: "when I hear stories of people who didn't get any enjoyment from cooking or didn't confidence in the kitchen previously read my book and start finding cooking fun it makes me incredibly pleased. It's the best feeling to be able to cook delicious healthy meals for yourself and family."

Although the ingredients and kitchens may differ from what is available in Japan, you will surely gain inspiration for evening or weekend meals from the healthy recipe ideas he has put together to attain his toned physique.

For details, please visit the following website.