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2018.11.21 Google translation application for iOS adapts to work with accents
The iOS version of Google's free translation application "Google Translate" has audio output compatible with accents by country by and region. The application's function converts the content input into accent of the designated country and outputs it as voice. This function was previously added to the Android version but from version 5. 24 provided in the early October update, it is now available for iOS version.

Have you also had the experience of being confused by different accents in Japanese? Similar to the remarkable difference between British English and American English, despite the language being the same, due to differing pronounciation and accents, it may be difficult to understand what the speaker is communicating. However with this new function, communication can be facilitated between local people.

Supported languages include English, French, Spanish, Bengali. The application is supported in USA, UK, Australia, India (English), France / Canada (French), Mexico / Spain (Spanish), and Bangladesh / India (Bengali). Although currently limited, there is the possibility that the number of languages and countries will increase in the future.

In August of this year, Google's rival company Amazon acquired the patent of the voice system to translate "Namari" in real time. This function sequentially translate the rounding of the speaker into the listener's listener via Amazon's Voice AI Assistant "Alexa". This new feature of Google Translate is comparable to Amazon's Namari translation audio system.

Technology giants such as Google and Amazon appear to be conducting research on dialects as well as foreign languages in addition to the translations of these dialects. By lowering the language barrier, we can expand the market on a global scale.

For details, please visit the following website.