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2018.11.21 Nabakov's literary novel "Lolita" based on real girl
#MeToo movement is taking place all over the world. Meanwhile, in September of 2018, "The Real Lolita" by nonfiction author Sarah Weinman was released. "The Real Lolita" details the background which lead to the creation of "Lolita".

Vladimir Nabakov's novel "Lolita" was released in 1953. "Lolicon" in Japanese is a meaning to express the psychological state of an adult male subjecting a young girl to sexual love, but this novel derives from another non-fiction novel, "the Lolita complex". Meanwhile, Nabakov's novel "Lolita" is portrays a girl seducing adult men. The novel is highly regarded as a literary novel which depicts Nabakov's magnificent and distinctive style.

However, Weinman reveals reveals that the Lolita character actually existed in her novel "The Real Lolita". According to Weinman, the novel "Lolita" details too many similarities to an incident that occurred in New Jersey in 1948. Weinman says that Nabakov must have received a great deal of inspiration from this incident.

The novel "Lolita" is written from the perspective of a man, and thus from the male viewpoint it may certainly seem that the male character loved the girl. However, from a girl's point of view, the teenage girl considers herself to have a special relationship with the man, so a different story from Nabakov's novel. In reality, a girl who seems to have been the inspiration for Lolita, after being rescued, was viewed with curiosity by the world and met her end in a road accident at the age of 15. Essayist Yukari Watanabe stated that after knowing that, "Lolita" can no longer be enjoyed purely as a literary work.

This novel has also been translated into Japanese twice. However, it seems that it was reflect the magnificence of the original style in Japanese, and both Japanese versions have been rated poorly according to Amazon reviews. If you want to enjoy the novel "Lolita" purely as a literary work, it may be better to read it in its original language. Lolita - Shincho Bunko - Vladimir - Nabokov / dp / 4102105026