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Privacy Policy

 Books and Rights Marketplace
Personal Information Protection Policy
This Policy is the Personal Information Protection Policy of the Books and Rights Marketplace (the BRM), which is operated by Babel Corporation having its principal place of business at 1110 University Avenue, Suite #510, Honolulu, Hawaii 96826 U.S.A. with its Japan Office at Kioicho Building third floor, 3-12 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0034 Japan (hereinafter “we” “our” “us”).
In accordance with this Personal Information Protection Policy, we will appropriately handle, manage, and protect any and all personal information (hereinafter the “Personal Information”) which we obtain from users of the BRM such as the BRM readers, author presenters, publisher presenters, and translator presenters (hereinafter “you” “your” “you”).

1 Responsible Person in Charge of Personal Information

We will nominate, within our company, a person in charge of handling and managing the Personal Information, who shall be responsible for handling, managing and protecting the Personal Information of you with regard to the BRM.

2 Window Person

In order to obtain the Personal Information of you, we will clearly specify our window person to receive the Personal Information and handle the same.

3 Reference, Correction, and Deletion

 If you wish to refer, correct, or delete a part or the whole of the Personal Information of you, we will respond promptly to your wish within the reasonable extent when you notify it to our window person.

4 Handling and Managing Personal Information

We will endeavor to handle and manage appropriately the Personal Information of you and make our best effort not to leak, lose, or destroy the same. We agree not to disclose or otherwise provide others with the Personal Information, except for the cases mentioned in the following Clauses 5 and 6.

5 Disclosure to Group Companies

It may be such event that we may use the Personal Information in order to provide you with services of us or our group companies which we consider are useful and helpful for you. In such cases we or our group companies may send or transmit information of such services or products by email or other means or make telephone call to you. You may have these handling suspended or have it reopened by notifying us your wish pursuant to our procedures separately determined. The term “our group companies” means a company the majority shares of which are directly or indirectly owned by us, a company which owns directly or indirectly the majority shares of our stock, or a company with which we are under common control of a person or persons.

6 Provision or Deposition of Personal Information to Third Party

 (1) In any of the following cases and to the extent thereto, we may provide or deposit the Personal
       Information of you to a third party subject to and under the confidentiality condition stipulated in paragraph
      (2) of this Clause 6;

( a )    Where we may have a third party accumulate and/or analyze each of the Personal Information for the purpose of providing statistic information and disclose the statistic data which are derived from the Personal Information but processed to such forms as are unable to identify or specify an individual; or

( b )    Where we have obtained your agreement for disclosure beforehand.


(2) If and when we disclose the Personal Information pursuant to paragraph (1) of this Clause, we shall keep
      strict disciplines in handling and management of the Personal Information by selecting a third party who
      shall have a proper managerial system to protect the Personal Information and who is capable to carry 
      out the system properly and by executing a confidentiality protection agreement on handling the Personal
      Information with the third party. 

(3) If we are legitimately requested by a court or other government organization to disclose the Personal
      Information, we will notify it to you and may disclose accordingly.


7 Response to Grievance

In the event that you may have any grievance or consultation on our handling or management of the Personal Information, we will promptly response to it within reasonable extent if and when you notify it to our window person.

8 Compliance of Law, etc.

We shall comply with laws and regulations applicable to the Personal Information we hold. We will review periodically and continuously and improve this Personal Information Protection Policy.
Babel Corporation
Books and Right Marketplace Managing Office
Responsible person in charge of Personal Information protection: Tomoki Hotta, Representative Director President
Contact URL: