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Our Sevices

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Great news for authors considering marketing the Japanese version
of the original book! 

BRM's New Service
Introducing our Translation and Publishing Service with AMAZON

BRM Translation & Publishing Service enables you to have your original
work translated to Japanese and published by Babel Press, using AMAZON
POD (Print on Demand). This is not an e-book offer but printed ones for sale
on AMAZON. At the present time, we are offering Japanese translation only.

For authors who want your work translated from the original language to Japanese
and published in Japan:

・Please present your original work and its synopsis.
・BRM will evaluate the marketability of your work in Japan.
・After BRM makes a decision to go ahead, you will be asked to participate in
  the News Release and Book Presentation  on the BRM web site. (Fees will be
  waived for participants of this program.)
・As the result of News Release and Presentation, after a certain number of
  translators come to offer their services, your work will be translated. (No translation
  charge to the book author.)
・When the translation is finished, your book will be published by Babel Press and  
  released for sale via AMAZON as  printed books.
・Royalties will be paid under separate regulations, so please consult with us.

BRM's new service will give you a chance to have your work translated into
Japanese and published in Japan by having our translators evaluate, choose and
translate in Japanese the works from many other languages. There will be no cost
to you as authors to use this new service, so please take advantage of it. Our goal
is to introduce to the Japanese market many high quality works from all over the
world that are yet discovered.

 Tomoki Hotta CEO, BABEL Corporation

BRM's other services for those of you-

  • Publishers
  • Authors (including those of you who have self-published your works)
  • Literary agents

  We are ready to provide you with these services: 

○Book Press Release Service
   We translate book press releases targeting foreign publishers and agents who 
   want to buy the translation rights and readers who want to buy the books. 
   We post these press releases on the BRM website and deliver them to all 
   registered members via e-mail. Translators write book reviews of released books.

○Summary Service
   For those who want to buy books and the translation rights, we translate a 
   summary of the books and post them on the BRM website.   
   These summaries will be delivered to registered users via e-mail.

○Author’s Presentation Service
   We provide authors with a place on the BRM website where they can present  
   their works to publishers who may publish the translations of their works. 
   The presentations in the original language will be translated and delivered to 
   all registered users via e-mail.

○Japan Presentation Service
   This service is to present quality Japanese works. The texts will be translated and 
   delivered to all registered users via e-mail.

○Released Book Service
   We translate information on published books into English and will post it on the BRM website. 

○Agent Service
Upon requests of buyers of rights, we provide various forms of assistance including 
negotiation for publication and support for pre- and post- publication processes,
   as needed.


Who want to buy books, book information or book rights, such as;

  • Publishers
  • Mass Media
  • Translators
 We are ready to provide you with these services:

○Book Press Release Delivery Service via E-mail
   We translated the book press releases submitted by publishers of the world and
   deliver them to your registered e-mail account. These press releases are also 
   available in the BRM website.

 ○Synopsis Service
     A synopsis is a book summary which includes valuable information about the  
    particular publication such as marketability. We translate synopses into different 
    languages for a fee.

  ○Translator’s Presentation Service
     On the BRM website, discerning translators give presentations recommending 
    great books from around the world. The contents of the presentations will be   
    translated and delivered to all registered users via e-mail.

 ○Author’s Presentation Service
    Authors can present their own works on the BRM website. Their presentations    
    will be translated and they will also be delivered to all registered users.

 ○Japan Presentation Service
    You can read English language presentations about outstanding Japanese books
    on the BRM website. The presentations will also be sent to all registered users via

  ○Released Book Service
     Information on published books will be translated and posted on the BRM 
    website. You can gather information that may help you find the right book for  

  ○Agent Service
     We will provide you with a variety of services as needed, such as negotiations for
    publication and support for pre- and post- publication processes.