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7-Day Brain Boost Plan  -    2015-10-23
Memory changes happen to all of us. The good news from neuroscience is that for most of us, occasional forgetting is most likely not dementia. But it ...

The Daily Hazards of a Middle Eastern Wife  -    2015-08-28
From meeting your future mate to dealing with the in-laws, there are certain issues that brides all over the world seem to face. For this reason, marr...

Sons of the Sphinx  -    2019-01-19
2015 Readers' Favorite Finalist YA; 2015 IAN Book of the Year Finalist YA; 2015 CAL Book Award Finalist YA Fiction; 2014 Literary Classics Silver Meda...

The Fast Track Guide to Losing Weight and Keeping It Off: Applying Creative Time Management Principles to the Weight Challenge  -    2019-01-14
With THE FAST TRACK GUIDE TO LOSING WEIGHT AND KEEPING IT OFF, follow Jan Yager, Ph.D. on her mission to help you not only lose weight and maintain th...

365 Daily Affirmations for Time Management  -    2013-10-06
A collection of powerful affirmations on time management by productivity expert, coach, speaker and sociologist Dr. Jan Yager, and selected famous quo...

Francine's Miracle   -    2018-02-09
This story is the beginning of The Miracle Trilogy which takes place during the 1920s era, which discusses to all readers what can be achieved through...

<Translated> Jackie's Miracle (The Miracle Trilogy)   -    2018-02-09
This book tells the story of a young girl named Jackie who has just been released from prison after doing time for assault and armed robbery. Prior to...

Mizz Goodie 2 Shoez  -    2014-11-05
Her mission is simple. She believes in unity and in her shoe-world. It does not matter what color, shape, size, or shoe height you come in. She feels ...

The Mystery of Yamashita's Map  -    2016-04-01
Prepare to be astounded - A tale of government conspiracies, secret bases where horrific experiments are taking place, all based on actual reports. No...

Chocolate Meltdown  -    2017-04-15
Oleg Blowhole has a devious scheme to pick the pockets of every unsuspecting candy lover on the planet: DOWNLOADABLE CHOCOLATE™.

Oleg invites 5 peo...

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