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Copyright for Librarians
Title : Copyright for Librarians
Author : Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL)
Publisher : Connexions
Country : USA
Language : English
ISBN/ISSN : (Open source)
Published year : 2011
Number of pages : 125
Book subject : literature/critical essays
Purchased URL :
Name of Presenter:
Presentation Data English:
A college course textbook in Connexions (by Rice University) and published under Creative Commons License.

Copyright for Librarians is a joint project of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society and Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL), a network of library consortia in 50 countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. The goal of the project is to provide librarians in developing and transitional countries information concerning copyright law. More specifically, it aspires to inform librarians concerning:
-copyright law in general
-the aspects of copyright law that most affect libraries
-how librarians in the future could most effectively participate in the processes by which copyright law is interpreted and shaped.

Not all users will have the time or interest to read all of the materials contained in this curriculum. Recognizing this, we have arranged and marked the materials in ways that should assist instructors and users in deciding how deeply to explore this subject. Specifically, the materials are organized into five levels:
-Level 1 (appropriate for users who want a basic knowledge of how copyright law affects the work of librarians in developing and transitional countries): Read modules 1, 3-7. (In other words, skip the Introduction and modules 2, 8, and 9.)
-Level 2 (appropriate for users who are also interested in the theory underlying copyright law and in the international dimensions of copyright law): Read the Introduction and all of the modules.
-Level 3 (appropriate for use in a one-semester undergraduate course in this subject or for users who wish to obtain an in-depth understanding of the field and to see how legislatures and courts are struggling to refine and apply copyright law): Read all of the modules and, in addition, all of the documents marked with red links.
-Level 4 (appropriate for use in a graduate-level course in this subject): Read all of the modules and, in addition, all of the documents marked with red and green links.
-Level 5 (appropriate for a faculty member preparing to teach this subject): Read all of the modules and, in addition, all of the documents marked with red, green, and blue links.

Author's Profile:
Berkman Center for Internet & Society is a research center at Harvard University that focuses on the study of cyberspace. Founded at Harvard Law School, the center traditionally focused on internet-related legal issues. The Berkman Center's mission is to explore and understand cyberspace; to study its development, dynamics, norms, and standards; and to assess the need or lack thereof for laws and sanctions.

EIFL works with libraries worldwide to enable access to digital information in developing and transition countries. We are an international not-for-profit organisation based in Europe with a global network of partners.
Founded in 1999, EIFL began by advocating for affordable access to commercial e-journals for academic and research libraries in Central and Eastern Europe. Today, EIFL partners with libraries and library consortia in more than 60 developing and transition countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Our work has also expanded to include other programmes designed to enable access to knowledge for education, learning, research and sustainable community development.