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++Sold out++ The Picture of Dorian Gray
     Penguin Classics
Title : ++Sold out++ The Picture of Dorian Gray
Author : Oscar Wilde
Publisher : Penguin Classics
Country : USA
Language : English
ISBN/ISSN : 978-0141439570
Published year : 2003
Number of pages : 224
Book subject : literature/critical essays
Purchased URL :
Name of Presenter:
Presentation Data English:
Dorian Gray is a young, handsome and wealthy man. Dorian asks an artist to paint his portrait. The painting of Dorian Gray is beautifully done. In that portrait the subject of the young and handsome man seems real and alive. But some strange thing happens to this painting. Due to the friend's influence Dorian begins committing sinful and pleasurable deeds and goes out looking for moral and immoral passions. And the painting changes. Dorian himself loses none of his beauty or youth, but the painting grows old and ugly. Dorian meets a beautiful and talented young lady and they fall in love, but eventually Dorian discards her and she kills herself. The painting shows a subtle sneer and gets uglier with each sin he commits, while his own appearance remains unchanged. The painting fills Dorian with fear, so he has it locked up in an old study room on the second floor in his house. But Dorian's fear remains. He worries that even after he dies this ugly painting will remain and people will see the true soul face of Dorian in this painting. He decides that he will be good, and to do this and get rid of the constant anxiety and fear he has been feeling, he must destroy the painting and free himself from his sinful life. He stabs the painting with a knife in the locked study room. When his servants hear a cry and enter the room, they see the portrait as it was when it was new, and a horrible, old, ugly man lying dead on the floor with knife stabs in his chest.

Author's Profile:
Oscar Wilde (Oct.16, 1854 – Nov.30, 1900) was an Irish writer, dramatist and poet. He was born in Dublin, Ireland. He studied at Trinity College, Dublin and Magdalen College, Oxford. He is known
for his epigrams and wit. He became one of Victorian London's most popular and successful playwrights. His masterpieces are “The Happy Prince” (1888), “The picture of Dorian Gray” (1890), “Salome” (1891).