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+Sold out+ Une vie / A Woman's Life
     Livre de Poche
Title : +Sold out+ Une vie / A Woman's Life
Author : Henri René Albert Guy de Maupassant
Publisher : Livre de Poche
Country : France
Language : French
ISBN/ISSN : ISBN-13: 978-2253004240
Published year : 1979
Number of pages : 247
Book subject : literature/critical essays
Purchased URL :
Name of Presenter:
Presentation Data English:
Jeanne, a daughter of the Baron Simon-Jacques Le Perthuis des Vauds lives in convent school from age twelve to seventeen. After finishing school her parents take her to the Poplars, on the Normandy coast where Baron Le Perthuis des Vauds has inherited an estate. When the priest in the village introduces to her family one young man the Viscount Julien de La Mare, she falls in love with him and they get married soon after they meet.
However, Jeanne starts to pick up clues that all is not what is seemed as early as the wedding night. Julien's brutish attitude toward her, also his affairs with their maid, hurts Jeanne very deeply and makes her miserable. But she is already pregnant, so there is no chance of divorce.
After their son Paul is born, they meet the noble couple, the Count Fourchevill and Countess Grilberte and the two couples develop a peaceful and warm friendship. But Jeanne discovers that Julien and Grilberte are lovers. When the Count Fourchevill finds out about their affair, he follows them to a trailer where the adulterous couple hide. He pushes the trailer from the top of a ravine. Grilberte and Julien are killed.
After her husband's death, Jeanne devotes her time to her son Paul. Paul grows up and goes away to school, but starts playing around with his lover and spending money. He writes Jeanne letters to ask money. Then Paul tells his mother that he has a baby and baby's mother died so he has to take care of this child. He asks Jeanne to take this baby. Then Jeanne's father the Baron dies and she discovers the terrible financial situation. She is forced to sell the house of Poplars. Jeanne also meets Rosalie, her old maid and Julien's mistress, and with Rosalie's help Jeanne finds a modest home in Batteville. At her new home Jeanne waits her son Paul's returns, and takes care of his child with deep love.

Author's Profile:
Guy de Maupassant 1850 – 1893
French author of the naturalistic school, play-write and poet. Born in Normandy.
Maupassant learned about writing from Flaubert who was a famous novelist and was a friend of his mother. In 1870, he started to study law at the Sorbonne in Paris, but soon he volunteered to serve in the army. After returning to Paris he took a civil servant job. During this career Maupassant published, with other Naturalist writers, his masterpiece, BOULE DE SUIF “Ball of Fat” in 1880 and was recognized by this work. During the next 10 years, he published several novels such as UNE VIE “A Woman's Life” in 1883, and FORT COMME LA MORT “Strong as Death” in 1889. His unique writing style is very realistic and well known in Japan. Maupassant had contracted syphilis in his 20s and the disease caused increasing mental disorder. On January, 1892, Maupassant attempted to commit suicide but failed and was hospitalized at a private asylum where he died in July. 1893.