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<Sold out> Biorhythms:A Guide on How to Become Happy
Title : <Sold out> Biorhythms:A Guide on How to Become Happy
Author : Oleg Kviatkovskyi, Dmytro Kviatkovskyi
Publisher : Trafford
Country : USA
Language : English
ISBN/ISSN : 978-1466959248
Published year : 2012
Number of pages : 204
Book subject : life-style/ health/parenting
Purchased URL :
Name of Presenter: Dmytro Kviatkovskyi (Author)
Presentation Data English:
After years of research and study, the way to attain true happiness in body, mind and spirit has finally been discovered. Change your life for the better in “Biorhythms: A Guide on How to Become Happy”.
The book belongs to the genre of popular science in the sphere of popular psychology. In this book we analyze how we can determine the ideal partner, create a family, to find beloved person, to avoid conflicts at work and at home using the knowledge about biorhythms. The author's method of calculating of biorhythms and biorhythmic compatibility between people was introduced for the first time that allows for a new approach to the problem of human harmony and relationships between people.
The advantage of the book consists in simple and accessible style that makes it interesting and exciting to read.
Through a simple and accessible presentation that provides the details in an interesting and exciting fashion, readers will be able to easily understand the various methods of biorhythmic analysis. They will be able to explore the innermost secrets of the mind and learn how to enhance their interactions with other people, avoid conflicts, and predict the outcomes of their family relationships in advance.
You will know the innermost secret of the inner spiritual world of an individual and will be able to determine in advance according to the date of birth if a partner corresponds to you, whether to create a family with him or not...
And will you be happy with him!
Why do we need to spend years searching for the second half, to make mistakes and look again – if it can be done in just a few seconds? And quite accurately!
You will learn on your own how to define the compatibility between people and will be able to predict the family relationship in advance.
After all, these are the most important issues in life!
Knowledge about biorhythms can help you to be happy!

Author's Profile:
Oleg and Dmytro Kviatkovskyi are a father and son team of scientists hailing from Lviv, Ukraine.
Oleg Kviatkovskyi is a researcher in the sphere of family relations. He has many years of experience in administering psychological aid to families. He is known in the Russian-speaking world as the author of many popular and interesting stories. Dmytro Kviatkovskyi, PhD, is the expert in the sphere of social philosophy and social relations, and is author of many scientific articles, and popularized of the theory of biorhythms, continues his father’s work.
The duo has spent many years studying biorhythms and improving methods of biorhythmic analysis and calculation. For a long time they have been devoted to the study of this mysterious science. Together, they pioneered the creation and development of the biorhythmology in Eastern Europe.