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Mizz Goodie 2 Shoez
Title : Mizz Goodie 2 Shoez
Author : Charoletta Anderson
Publisher : Authorhouse
Country : USA
Language : English
ISBN/ISSN : 1477294759
Published year : 2013
Number of pages : 24
Book subject : children
Purchased URL :
Name of Presenter:
Presentation Data English:
Her mission is simple. She believes in unity and in her shoe-world. It does not matter what color, shape, size, or shoe height you come in. She feels everyone will be shoe-friends!

Mizz Goodie 2 Shoez believes that the ability to read is an essential element of an enriched and fulfilling life. Our high-quality, community-based literacy programs empower children to reach their full potential through the use of Mizz Goodie 2 Shoez and Friends. Getting kids to read can be a tricky endeavor. First, you have to get them to sit still for more than a few minutes. Once that’s accomplished, you better keep their attention. Mizz Goodie 2 Shoez books grab their attention beginning with the cover. Visuals are important. However, the cover alone will only leave a momentary impression. Once the pages turn, the stories are captivating. Our colorful characters are artfully displayed on the covers of our books, and these visuals continue throughout vibrantly colored illustrations. The Mizz Goodie 2 Shoez environment and the characters’ expressive faces hint at adventure and comedy. The glint in their eyes reveals a precocious nature; innocently bold and fun-loving. This likely describes most of the children who read our books. The fact that children relate to our cartoon characters has not gone unnoticed by the many parents, teachers, and librarians who have witnessed the reactions of children as they read Mizz Goodie 2 Shoez books. All this engagement means one important thing: it gets kids to read and helps improve children’s literacy.

Author's Profile:
Charoletta "Charly" Victoria Anderson is one of five sisters who are talented gospel singers. The Colters' parents were truly dedicated to God and family. Her father, Charles Colter was a drummer in the jazz band of Leon Haywood, a national recording top album selling artist and her mother, Claudia was a homemaker and Gospel singer who performed with the legendary James Cleveland. Their love for music and God became central to their lifestyle. Charly began performing backgrounds, laying vocals on rapper’s albums and opening for various artist. Charly has grabbed the bull by the horns and begun to really experience the greatness of life and turned her attention towards speaking out on childhood obesity and its affect on bullying. She is striving to be one of the most promising 501(c)3 non-profits focused on physical fitness initiatives in schools and youth groups by not only improving physical participation and awareness but also increasing personal accountability and team work resulting in better communication among peers. This unique program addresses issues such as obesity and bullying as well as autism and cancer.