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Ki ~ An Energy of Light That Fills Your Mind, Body, and Soul: Live Life in the Evolution of the Great Universe
     Babel Press USA
Title : Ki ~ An Energy of Light That Fills Your Mind, Body, and Soul: Live Life in the Evolution of the Great Universe
Author : Masato Nakagawa (Author), Hidemi Uebayashi (Translator)
Publisher : Babel Press USA
Country : USA
Language : English
ISBN/ISSN : 978-0989232678
Published year : 2016
Number of pages : 206
Book subject : life-style/ health/parenting
Purchased URL :
Ki - An Energy of Light That Fills Your Mind, Body, and Soul Why do people become ill, physically or mentally? Modern day people are suffering from a wide range of problems, from the personal level such as illness or human relationship to the global level such as social or environmental issues. The number of such causes keeps increasing year after year. These problems may look completely different, but in terms of Ki (Chi), everything is related. This is because the energies of negative Ki have piled up in many layers and grown into a huge energy, as if it is covering everything and causing negative effects. Everything, including people, materials, space, place, etc., has Ki energy. The word “Ki” is a general term for various kinds of energy existing in the universe, which cannot be measured by science or be seen with the naked eye. We human beings are not just existences with a tiny and ephemeral body. Our body will one day perish and disappear, but our soul, which is humans’ Ki, remains in the universe eternally. The soul is the central character of a life, and we should shed the ego of our physical bodies and choose the way of life that makes our souls shine, for the future of the earth and ourselves. Shinkiko - An unknown energy which has not yet been substantiated by modern science Shinkiko is Ki, an invisible energy of light sent from a far distant, high-dimensional universe and is a support that can be received and used by anyone. It penetrates our souls giving them light, and encourages us to be spiritually awakened. It guides our self-centered mind to be developed into a universal awareness. We humans can transfer Shinkiko, gathering and emitting it, at will. Also there are certain materials that collect Ki. Shinkiko can be received by anyone, regardless of race, philosophy or religion. Now the universe is offering this light of salvation to the people on earth in accordance with its law of evolution. All you need to do is be ready to receive it. If you try, you will achieve good results. That is Shinkiko.